Making ‘Smart Mines’ a Reality

Maintaining shaft conveyancing safety and performance is critical in mining operations.

UMS has recently formed a new partnership with 1Worx, a specialist digital know-how company of in the field of IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and AR (Augmented Reality) which allows mining companies to monitor, measure and analyse any parameter of their mining operations from shafts and associated mine infrastructure from anywhere in the world. Accurate reporting and analysis around key issues such as stoppages, water ingress, electricity consumption, tons blasted against tons hoisted, and similar parameters can make all the difference on a shaft-sinking project or mining operation and gives managers the critical insights that allow operations to be optimised.

UMS 1Worx technology collects and analyses data that is generated from sensors on any plant and equipment in mining operations.  This information can be displayed in a variety of formats, including dashboards that provide a visualisation of operational performance and status by area or by the entire mine. Immediate notifications and early warning of critical events can be sent to devices such as laptops or cell phones anywhere in the world allowing for corrective measures to be taken before accidents happen. This allows for mines to achieve massive advantage for efficiency, productivity and safety and represents a step-change for mining bringing the ‘Smart Mine’ concept a step closer to reality, by providing mine managers with accurate, predictive, and actionable real-time data and information of a quality that has never really been available before in mining. The technology provides for a low implementation cost with immediate returns.

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