Key Achievements across the Group

  • More than 250 contracts undertaken
  • More than 170 kilometres of vertical shafts sunk
  • More than 35 kilometres of incline and decline shafts sunk
  • First company to sink the world’s deepest shaft at Moab Mine in South Africa (3 649 metres) at the time
  • Routine sinking of ultra-deep shafts more than 1 500 metres
  • Sinking of unconventional shaft dimensions – 19 metre finished diameter shaft for a hydro scheme and an oval shaft (11 X 12 metres)


Through the incorporation of Shaft Sinkers and METS into UMS in 2015, the Group acquired a 60- year library of knowledge and experience. The IP built up over the years is at the heart of what we do and is enhanced with modern mining thinking and our drive for continual innovation. To this day we continue to flourish as a leading global mining contractor with expertise extending from mining projects through to tunnelling and hydro projects as well as metallurgical process plant projects.

Our library of knowledge extends to more than 250 contracts around the world:

  • South Africa and extensive operations throughout the African region
  • Europe – including England, France, Ireland, Switzerland
  • India
  • Australia and Tasmania
  • Laos
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • North America
  • South America – including Brazil, Argentina and Peru

We have the experience in working in all types of ground conditions through every type of rock strata, ranging from small diameter exploratory shafts to large diameter (20m) surge chambers and ultra-deep (2 500m and deeper) multiple shaft systems for mining:

  • Sinking in frozen ground / arctic conditions
  • Sinking through highly faulted / fragmented and unstable ground
  • Sinking in excessive water tables
  • Sinking through sand and clay
  • Working in heat conditions at ultra-deep levels

We have a proven track record of successfully executing mining projects to
over 2 000 metres in depth.