Capital Infrastructure Project Services

Through the intellectual services of Shaft Sinkers, UMS provides traditional sinking services as well as construction of any auxiliary infrastructure.

Shaft Sinkers has the sinking experience as well as the design and mine shaft engineering capability to execute shafts as deep as 3000 metres through almost every type of rock strata.

Our ethos is excellence and as such, we as Shaft Sinkers continuously look to technological innovation and uncompromising safety while providing our customers with a quality product, delivered on time at the best possible price.

Although we are able to undertake any type of underground development work, we uniquely specialise in the sinking of particularly ultra-deep and wide vertical shafts including decline shafts and the development of underground infrastructure, used in mining and hydropower applications.

We offer comprehensive mining solutions in

  • – Shaft sinking
  • – Underground construction
  • – Large underground excavations &
  • – Tunnelling

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