UNITED MINING SERVICES GROUP: Value driven solutions to the mining and mineral processing markets


UMS Group has a unique set of high-end engineering skills, technologies and equipment that enables us to provide our mining and process clients with project services ranging from concept and feasibility studies through to the detail engineering and design as well as construction management, construction contracting, commissioning and ramp up of such projects.

We can manage the entire project life cycle in-house, thereby ensuring seamless continuity between project phases and giving our clients greater cost and schedule accuracy, without compromising quality and mitigating risk.

Although we undertake all types of mining and process plant related construction projects but have unique specialist skills in underground mine access.


Our expertise lies in helping our clients extract value from the world’s most challenging ore bodies. In doing so we draw on a practical mix of proven design and innovation based on significant engineering expertise and proven construction experience built up over six decades. Our impressive library of technical knowledge and experience, enables us to solve virtually any mining and minerals processing as well as underground construction challenges. We offer clients the following services:

  • Project management (EPCM) services
  • Concept development (greenfield and brownfield projects)
  • Engineering designs
  • Construction management
  • Construction contracting
  • Commissioning of mine and process plant infrastructure
  • Specialist technical services
  • Specialist engineering consulting
  • Specialist sinking equipment expertise and rental


Currently the UMS Group is undertaking various projects in South Africa, Botswana, the United Kingdom, the USA and Brazil, for both mining and mineral processing clients.


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Our expertise lies in helping clients find solutions to their mining and process challenges.

Our unique service offering is defined by the fact that we have available ‘in-house’ a full set of project services that enables us to do the engineering, design, costing and scheduling and project management from an actual contractor who then executes the designs from construction to commissioning and ramp up, allows for seamless integration between the project phases, giving greater cost and schedule accuracy and ultimately reducing risk for clients.

This is complemented by our extensive plant and equipment capacity allowing us to undertake numerous sinking projects at short notice.  At our plant facility specialised equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

Our approach to finding solutions includes:

  • Putting health and safety at the heart of all we do
  • Providing a practical mix of proven design and innovation based on significant engineering expertise and proven construction experience through 250 shaft contracts undertaken globally
  • The assurance that we understand and prioritise our clients’ needs in finding solutions
  • Pragmatic solutions that can be scaled to suit the needs clients current and future requirements
  • A focus on impacted communities during the project life cycle


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The health and safety of our employees and sub-contractors during a project is of paramount importance. Through our ‘Integrated Management System’ we rigorously monitor the safety performance and quality of all projects that we undertake.

UMS holds ISO certification based on the following international standards:

  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems
  • ISO 9001 – Quality management systems
  • ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management systems

Throughout project lifecycles we perform ongoing safety and quality compliance audits and risk assessments, physical condition inspections and drive safety awareness and training.


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The company’s management and technical teams are recognised industry experts with decades of global experience.

We employ some of the best and most highly skilled and experienced mining experts found anywhere including:

  • Professional engineers (mining, mechanical, electrical, C&I, civil and structural)
  • Design engineers
  • Project engineers, project managers, project planners and schedulers, project control experts
  • Mining and sinking specialists
  • Natural scientists (geology and rock mechanics)
  • Procurement and logistics specialists.
  • Winder technicians (electrical and mechanical)
  • Riggers, boilermakers, welders, diesel mechanics


We have built a solid track record in shaft sinking and construction of all types of underground facilities and associated surface infrastructure for the mining, hydro, tunnelling and metallurgical processing clients.