Through our METS and SHAFT SINKERS brands we are able to provide clients in the mining, transport and hydro sectors with the following offerings: engineering design, sinking, tunnelling & lateral development, underground excavation and construction, contract mining and minerals processing.

Through our proprietary information and library of knowledge, METS provides services covering mining-related feasibility studies, mine and process plant design engineering as well as EPC/EPCM project management services. All our designs strive to ensure a safer environment for contractors and mine personnel.
Building on the extensive library of knowledge of METS and Shaft Sinkers, UMS offers the mining sector shaft auditing and rehabilitation services, designed to ensure optimal production output and extended underground life of mine.
Through the intellectual services of Shaft Sinkers, UMS provides traditional sinking services as well as construction of any auxiliary infrastructure.
Through Shaft Sinkers, UMS provides all forms of contract mining, from open cast to underground development and extraction of ore bodies.
METS Process offers the full range of process plant design and engineering capabilities to the mining industry, and predominantly the junior sector. We have devised an innovative approach to new plant delivery which incorporates modular functionality although we have taken the concept of modularity one step further than what is traditionally accepted in the modular space.
We offer a wide range of consulting services to our clients

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