UMS has the winder (and associated equipment) capability to undertake any sinking project at short notice. Housed under our UMS plant and equipment facility in South Africa as well as facilities in the USA and South America, we have the following pre-sink, kibble and stage winders (plus motors and gears) available for deployment to projects on short notice:

South Africa
35 kibble and stage winders
24 pre-sink winders

7 winders

South America
2 winders

We can undertake sinking projects of various shaft dimensions up to depths exceeding 2 500 metres.

We also have available suites of trackless equipment for fiery and non-fiery mines that can be deployed on projects.

These include:

  • Drill rigs
  • Bolters
  • LHD’s
  • UV’s
  • Muckers and grabs
  • Bolters
  • Pumps

UMS has an ‘in-house’ team of highly skilled winder, as well as mechanical & electrical equipment technicians and engineers, who refurbish, install, commission, maintain and decommission our equipment.

As part of our quality assurance and safety, we undertake ongoing inspections and maintenance of all our commissioned equipment on projects.

In addition, we have available specialised crews to design, erect and maintain headgears and all associated shaft infrastructure and conveyancing equipment to ensure that mines can operate safely and within mining legislation.